Laundry Made Easy

Nobody knows laundry like CSC ServiceWorks. With more than one million machines in service, and countless loads of washing & drying experienced each year – we wanted to share our expertise with you through a library of laundry tips and tricks.

Laundry Tips

Here are some tips to ensure an enjoyable and efficient laundry experience.

A Great (Laundry) Community

It’s always important to be a good neighbor, and that applies to sharing a laundry room too. Here’s how you can ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Drop laundry pods in the drum, not the detergent drawer.

Laundry pods are made for direct placement into the washer’s drum. Otherwise, degradable wrap doesn’t fully dissolve and can clog the detergent drawer that others need to use.

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Be a good laundry citizen

Clean out the lint trap, throw away any trash, wipe down the washer if needed –do whatever is needed to leave the laundry room the way you’d like to find it on your next visit.

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Don’t assume a broken machine has been reported.

Putting an “out of order” sign on a machine is great, but don’t stop there. Submit a service request directly from your laundry app by noting the location and the machine’s license plate number.

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Don’t forget to remove your laundry quickly.

Emptying machine helps others get their started, and helps you avoid having your laundry handled by others. Your laundry app alerts when your laundry is done.

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