Make The Best Of Communal Laundry Space

In apartments, communal laundry is often the norm.

Do you want to be a good neighbor? The golden rule applies to the laundry room as well. To make it easier, follow these simple guidelines for using shared laundry spaces.

Do: Bring Your Own Supplies.

Tired of playing the guessing game in the laundry room? Don’t risk turning a neighbor into an enemy by using their supplies. Take control and bring your own! Keep your supplies in one place under your clothes for easy access.

Supply checklist:

  • Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Stain fighter (optional)

Don’t: Leave Wet Laundry in the Washing Machine.

Newton’s Law of Laundry: When you’re washing, so is someone else. Remember to switch your laundry promptly to the dryer so others can use the machine. Set a timer to help you remember and avoid mildew and bad smells. Being considerate goes a long way!

Do: Know The Building’s Rules & Hours.

Doing laundry late at night might seem convenient, but it can lead to noise complaints or breaking your lease. Check your building’s rules before washing clothes off-hours to avoid disturbing others. Make sure there are no restrictions on when you can use the laundry room.

Don’t: Lose Your Cool.

Communal Living means being patient when others don’t follow your rules. If you need to use the dryer but it’s full, wait at least 10 minutes before moving their clothes. Be polite when taking out their belongings and use a basket if available to avoid dropping clothes on the dirt floor.

Do: Clean Out Lint.

Always clean the lint screen in the laundry after drying your clothes, especially if you share the machine. It only takes a few seconds to help others.

Don’t: Treat the Laundry Room Garbage Like Your Personal Trash Can.

It’s okay to eat a sandwich while waiting for your clean laundry, but don’t throw the wrapper in the garbage in the laundry room. Only lint and dryer sheets go there to avoid bad smells. Keep your smelly trash in your own can and be considerate of others during chores.

Make The Best Of Communal Laundry Space

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