How to Separate Laundry

Follow these Simple Tips to Avoid Laundry Mishaps

It may be easy to throw a load of mixed laundry into the machine, but if you don’t want everything to turn an odd shade of pink or gray, it’s best to learn how to separate laundry.

Always Check Labels

Always wash garments according to the care label instructions.

Sort by Color

Most people know that sorting laundry begins by separating white clothes from dark ones, but did you know you should also turn your clothes inside out? This will protect them during the wash and also stops jeans from turning white at the seams.

How to Handle Darks & New Items

New items and darkly colored items may bleed, so wash them separately and turn them inside out. Wash deep colored clothing like dark jeans or red sweatshirts by themselves for the first few washings.

Sort by Fabric Type

Wash heavier items, like towels, separately from lighter weight clothes to prevent damage to finer fabrics. For the same reason, separate clothing with zippers and buttons from knits and delicates. If an item sheds lint, wash it separately from microfiber, corduroy or other fabrics that attract lint.

Sort by the Amount of Dirt

Very dirty or stained laundry should be washed separately on a longer, heavy-duty cycle. This provides the agitation needed to get rid of heavy dirt.

How to Wash Delicates

Delicates should be washed on a delicate cycle or by hand.


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