The Best Temperature for Your Laundry

Don’t Just Set it & forget it.

Hot, Warm or Cold – Here’s What Settings to Select & Why.                             

Choosing the best water temperature for your laundry doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Before you get started, CSC recommends to:

Read Garment Care Labels – this will give you the info you need to choose the best water temperature and right type of wash cycle.

Sort Dirty Laundry after you’ve checked the labels, sort your laundry by color, fabric type and washing temperature.

Choose Cold Water if in Doubt – if a label is missing or unclear, wash clothes (especially if colored) in cold water.  This will prevent any damage to fabric such as shrinking, fading or color bleeding.

Once ready, here are the wash settings CSC recommends.

Hot Water

  • Best used for white cotton clothes, bed & kitchen linens, bath towels, soiled, stained or sweaty garments.
  • Cleans heavy soils and stains, sanitizes linens
  • Can fade colors or shrink if the wrong items

Warm Water

  • Best used for man-made fabrics like nylon, polyester, spandex, rayon, fabric blends and lightly soiled clothes.
  • Helps to dissolve detergents and offers more energy efficiency than hot water.
  • Can fade some colors, does not sanitize, will not remove heavy soils and stains

Cold Water

  • Best used for bright-colored clothes and delicate fabrics
  • Most energy efficient and less likely to shrink or fade items
  • Can be used on any fabric, but less efficient in removing stains


The Best Temperature for Your Laundry

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