How to Remove Grass Stains

So you (or your children) managed to get grass stains on your clothing. Don’t worry! Here’s a foolproof method of getting them out.

Remove Grass Stains

One of the most resilient types of stains is grass stains. And they are easy to come by, especially for children. They might have been sliding all over a soccer field or playing with a dog in your yard, rolling around on the ground. But, children aren’t the only ones with grass stains – adults can easily pick them up as well when playing in a softball league or re-sodding the front lawn. Whatever you’ve been up to in life, chances are you’ve been confronted with your fair share of grass stains and need a foolproof method of getting them out.

Why grass is so tough

You might be wondering why grass is so hard to get out of your clothes in the first place. It isn’t a colorful liquid-like juice that could soak and dry in clothing, so why does it tend to stick around? The components of grass, when they come into close contact with clothing, act almost like a dye. The pigments of grass actually bond with the fibers in your clothing, essentially dyeing them a
different color.

Grass stain removal techniques

You can’t simply throw grass-stained clothes in the washer and dryer and hope it’ll do the trick. But, fortunately, there are many products and substances readily available that can knock the grass stain out for good.

  • Liquid or powder detergent containing enzymes, bleach, or both (Tide or Biz works great)
  • Bleach combined with hydrogen peroxide and cold water
  • White vinegar and warm water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Molasses
  • Amyl acetate (also known as banana oil)

Whichever of the above that you have on hand to use, the process is about the same. Take whatever solution you have and apply it directly to the stain, working it into the fabric gently. You can use a toothbrush to apply the substance; just be sure not to rub too hard, since you could rub the stain in even deeper. After letting the clothes sit for several minutes (15-30 is a good rule of thumb), rinse them with water and wash them normally. If the stain isn’t completely gone, repeat the same steps or try to use a different solution until there is no more green.

How to Remove Grass Stains

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